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Osteoarthritis radiology hand


    Pin on Medicine, physiology, and natural healing Stock fotó - X-Ray Fracture Hand Before and After Treatment Diagnostic Imaging: Orthopaedics Osteoarthritis radiology wrist Ideggyógyászat, neurológia Osteoarthritis radiology wrist leírás: Authored by one of the acknowledged leaders and preeminent teachers in musculoskeletal radiology, this innovative text is certain to become the new standard among orthopaedic diagnostic imaging references.

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    The first volume in the new Diagnostic Imaging Series from Amirsys and Saunders, it features a templated, full-colour format that makes finding information much easier. Each chapter presents all of the information readers need to pinpoint a diagnosis.

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    Coverage of each entity addresses Clinical Presentation Pathological Features Imaging Findings for the appropriate modalities and Differential Diagnosis lists. In addition, each chapter has detailed anatomic drawings in full colour, an extensive image case osteoarthritis radiology hand, and a visual "thumbnail" differential diagnosis. Numerous surgical, gross and histological pathology photographs are included.

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    No other musculoskeletal imaging text is as comprehensive and user-friendly. The unique bulleted format provides efficient reading, with the same information in the same place - every time!

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    It's as if an expert has done the highlighting for you! Lehet, hogy érdekel.

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